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In a significant legal victory, Connecticut Trial Firm achieved a $100 million jury verdict for Juan ‘Mikey’ Cruz and Emily Lopez Cruz. The case centered on Mr. Cruz’s experience in a Connecticut warehouse, where a workplace incident causing catastrophic injuries changed his life. The verdict was the largest bodily injury verdict in state history.

Throughout the legal process, Connecticut Trial Firm attorneys Alexa Mahony, Andrew Garza, Andrew Ranks, and Ryan McKeen worked diligently alongside Mr. Cruz and his family. This case has drawn attention not only for the substantial verdict but for the profound implications it holds for workplace safety and corporate responsibility.

Case Origins: Mr. Cruz’s Warehouse Incident

The firm’s involvement began in September 2017 when it learned of the warehouse accident. Mr. Cruz was severely injured when an improperly secured 1,300-pound pallet containing fluorescent light tubes fell onto his head, breaking his spine.

Mr. Cruz also sustained fractured ribs, abdomen injuries, and paralysis, drastically altering Mr. Cruz’s life.

Connecticut Trial Firm’s Comprehensive Investigation

Once hired, the firm’s legal team initiated a thorough investigation, gathering firsthand testimonies, dispatching preservation notices, and working to grasp the full scope of the incident.

Through extensive interactions with Mr. Cruz, his family, and medical experts, the lawyers amassed a wealth of information. They meticulously analyzed medical documents and consulted domain experts, gaining a clearer understanding of Mr. Cruz’s injuries and the apparent negligence that led to them.

From Investigation to the Courtroom

After the Connecticut Trial Firm’s comprehensive investigation, it became clear that Mr. Cruz’s injuries were directly caused by defendant Signify North America Corp.’s oversight in failing to secure the load.

Given Mr. Cruz’s significant damages and the corporation involved, an out-of-court settlement appeared unlikely. Case attorneys observed that large corporations sometimes prioritize profits over fair resolutions. Nevertheless, the firm remained committed to representing their client’s interests, leading them to consider litigation.

The legal process started with the initiation of a lawsuit in March 2018, followed by multiple depositions. However, even with a detailed case presentation, the offers made during the lawsuit did not align with the full extent of Mr. Cruz’s suffering. As a result, the firm decided to proceed with a trial.

Jury Outcome and Implications

The lawsuit argued that Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting North America, did not adhere to its safety guidelines regarding securing its product to a pallet. Using expert testimonies and animation, the plaintiffs demonstrated that properly securing the load would have prevented it from falling.

In the face of a strong defense from Signify, the six-person jury rendered a personal injury verdict in favor of justice, awarding a total of $100 million. This comprised $90 million for Mr. Cruz and an additional $10 million for Mrs. Cruz’s loss of consortium claim.

Connecticut Trial Firm Offers Legal Assistance for Personal Injury Victims

The verdict highlights Connecticut Trial Firm’s commitment and provides a positive outcome for individuals like Mr. Cruz pursuing justice. 

If you or someone you know has been wronged due to another’s negligence, remember that justice is within reach. Our team is ready to assist you. For more information about how we can help, please contact us today.


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