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Welcome to the Nutmeg…errr Nanny State

I have a Nintendo Wii but between having a full time job, watching the Red Sox, doing yard work and sleeping – I hardly ever play it.

I also hardly ever play beer pong.

Thanks in part to Connecticut Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal, I won’t be playing beer pong on my Wii. There citizens of Connecticut, you can all rest easier at night because the game “Beer Pong” has been renamed “Pong Toss.”

I hadn’t even heard that “Beer Pong” was going to be released for the Wii until I saw a press conference on the morning news telling me that it wasn’t going to be released.

Anyhow, I would have supported the release of “Beer Pong” on environmental and alcohol abuse grounds.

First, I’m a beer snob. Pabst or Natty Ice maybe cool for the college crowd but I’m the guy tailgating at Pearl Jam with pints of Boddingtons.  If I were to play beer pong it would be with real beer. No dirty ping pong ball should ever find its way into a good beer – that’s alcohol abuse.

Which leads to my environmental concern concerns. I’m trying to do my one thing and it starts with not wasting or using plastic cups.

At least you’re safer because I’m not playing beer pong on the Wii that I don’t play anyway.


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