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Update: The Right To Dry in Connecticut, Clotheslines, Apartments and Condos

All of this great sunny weather prompted me to investigate the status of Connecticut’s Right to Dry Bill.

According to Project Laundry List, dryers account for 5 to 10 percent of all residential energy use.

With sky rocketing energy costs I’m happy to report that the bill has received a joint favorable report from the energy and technology committee. The bill passed the committee 12-9.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal spoke in favor of the bill and noted that 10 states have similar laws.

I’m more than a little disappointed to see that my State Representative, Richard Ferrari, voted against the bill in committee.

Is Mr. Ferrari aware that in 2007, atmospheric C02 increased by 19 billion tons over 2006 levels?

Is Mr. Ferrari unaware of the rising energy costs faced by his constituents?

Does Mr. Ferrari understand that elderly on fixed incomes are selling their houses to move into condos?

Does Mr. Ferrari understand that Connecticut residents who have lost their homes to foreclosure have no choice but to rent? People who may have lost their homes in part because of rising energy costs? People who are trying to support families on limited incomes and are faced with increasingly higher energy costs.

Mr. Ferrari and all of the legislators who voted against this bill in committee should be ashamed of themselves.

Does $4.00 for a gallon of gas mean nothing to certain legislators?

Do your part. Email this blog entry to your friends. Urge your state representatives to support this bill.

Otherwise, I’m afraid that we’ll all be left out to dry.

All of this reminds me that I need to put up a clothesline.


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