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The Right To Dry: Connnecticut, Clotheslines, Apartments and Condos


Bill Leukhardt of the Hartford Courant wrote this interesting article on a bill before the legislature that would give tenants and residents of condominiums and apartment buildings “the right to dry” their clothes using solar power.

Here is a link to the bill itself.

The  “right to dry” bill would allow landlords and condominium associations the right to prohibit clotheslines provided that folding racks would provide the same service or if landlords and condominium associations  provide drying facilities that are not powered by fossil fuels.

This is a very interesting area of law. I expect that as energy prices rise it will have a significant impact on landlord/tenant contracts, condominium associations and local zoning boards.

This bill is likely the tip of the iceberg of what we will likely see in years to come. Tenants and condo owners who are concerned about both their budget and the environment are likely to become increasingly vocal.

I’d also like to send a very big thank you to Attorney Daniel A.  Schwartz of Connecticut Employment Law Blog who mentioned this blog on his site yesterday. Reading about Dan’s blog inspired me to start blogging. Dan’s employment law blog is one of the very best law blogs on the net. I encourage you to check out his website.


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