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The First Annual CT Blawgy goes to…..

A Public Defender!

Earlier this week the ABA published a list of the top 100 law blogs in the country. There are some excellent blogs on the ABA’s list and I think A Public Defender holds its own with every one of them.

Gideon’s posts at A Public Defender are insightful, well written, and witty.

Gideon is on top of legal issues,  advocate for reform, and is willing to take risks with his blog.

A Public Defender goes beyond writing about just criminal issues. Gideon’s coverage of the Connecticut Supreme Court’s ruling in Kerrigan reflect the author’s passion for justice.

I know that Gideon runs and maintains his own site. This year the site was updated (I even liked the day it was lime green) and made more user friendly. Gideon is always tweaking and seeking new ways to improve the technical aspects of his blog.

He doesn’t blog for profit. He doesn’t blog for self-promotion. He blogs for us.

For these reasons, and the fact that I like the videos he posts, I’m awarding the first annual CT Blawgy for Best Connecticut Law Blog in 2008 to Gideon at A Public Defender.


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Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC