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The Best Fenway Park Seating Chart In The World

by Ryan McKeen,

Do you have tickets to Fenway Park?

Are you thinking of purchasing tickets to Fenway Park?

Are you looking to take your favorite Red Sox Fan Connecticut Law Blogger to Fenway Park?

Check out Precise .

From the Precise Seating website:

View detailed information from over 35,000 seats. The seating diagrams that display will contain the exact location of your seat, a 3D view, precise obstruction information, home run distances and more. There are also over 600 actual photos included, most of which are in the Grandstand (1st seat in every row). Use the selector below to find your seat in Fenway by entering the General section, section, row and seat.

Precise is sweet.

Of course, if you have extra tickets I’d be happy to take them off your hands as I could care less where I sit.


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