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The Battle of the “Injured? Get” Lawyers

Yesterday, I was pulling into the office and I saw a bus. You know, one of those large blue torts on wheels/

On one side of the bus was an ad for one “Injured? Get” Lawyer and on the back of the bus was an ad for a different “Injured? Get” lawyer.

What’s a consumer to do? Which lawyer’s “powers” should the consumer put to work?

This bus left me with way more questions than answers. Was some sort of exclusivity not negotiated? Do the “Injured? Get” lawyers get their magic powers through strength in numbers?

I eagerly await the day when I drive home at night will I see a “Lord DUI” billboard next to the “Lady DUI” billboard? I like balance in this world.

It’s a confusing time for the legal market place.

If you ever see my face on a bus, do me a favor, and throw me under it.


Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC

Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC