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Teen Driving

I recall the chill of standing in the back of a packed Asylum Hill Congregational Church on a cold night last December, listening to Tim Hollister deliver the eulogy for his lost son, summing up a life ended too soon. –  Rick Green, Hartford Courant, 01/08/2008

I also recall, and will never forget, the chill of that late fall evening on a cold night last December, at the back of Asylum Hill Congregational Church. I was reduced to tears listening to Tim.

I encourage you to read Rick Green’s article which can be found by clicking here.

I’m not all that far removed from the joys of getting my drivers license and the associated freedoms that comes from being able to drive where you want, when you want. In 1996, when I got my license, the laws permitted me full driving privileges. There was no curfew (other than the one imposed by my parents), no limitation on how many passengers I could have in my car, and no limitations on where I could drive.

In a lot of ways, being a lawyer, has changed who I am as a person but in no greater respect than my appreciation for risk.  Age and experience tend to do this to a person.

Looking back on it, at 16, I was incapable of understanding the risks associated with the operation of a motor vehicle.   My life, and the lives of those around me were in danger which each additional underage passenger in my vehicle.  I know that my friends distracted from my ability to focus on driving.

I look forward to reading the recommendations of the Governor’s Safe Driving Task Force.  I hope that the Governor and the Legislature listen to and follow the advice of Tim Hollister and the Governor’s Safe Driving Task Force. It is hard for me to imagine that anyone who was at Asylum Hill Congregational Church that evening last December, or waited in line for hours in the cold to pay their respects to Reid Hollister, could feel differently.


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