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Protecting Pets in Connecticut

Puppy Brady Generally, the law treats animals, including household pets, as personal property. There is little legal distinction between your family pet and your computer.

Recognizing the increased value that our society places on pets and that some pets are subject to abuse, the legistlature enacted the following law:

…The court, in its discretion, may make such orders as it deems appropriate for the protection of any animal owned or kept by the applicant including, but not limited to, an order enjoining the respondent from injuring or threatening to injure such animal….C.G.S.A. § 46b-15

The first thing a pet owner should do if his or her pet is being abused is to call the police and report the abuse. This law also gives a pet owner the right to file for a civil restraining order to prevent further or future injury to the pet.

I think this is good news for pets and pet owners in Connecticut.

For this entry, I asked my dog Brady (pictured above as a puppy) her thoughts, and she looked at me and wagged her tail.


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