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Today is opening day.

As I sit here writing this entry (not yet having finished lunch) the Red Sox are 1 and 0, in first place in the AL East and a half game up on the Yankees.

Here are links to some of my favorite baseball sites on the internet:

Fangraphs – A fascinating way to analyze a baseball game.

Tom Tango’s Website – Check out his Great Clutch Project. Tango is one of the best baseball minds in the public domain. His book, “The Book” is well worth owning.

Sons of Sam Horn – My favorite website on all of the internets.

Sox Prospects – The best website on the internet for Red Sox minor league information.

Retrosheet – A great place for baseball statistics.

Baseball-reference – My favorite place for baseball statistics. We proudly sponsors Mark Teixeira’s and John Trautwein’s page. The links are on the bottom right of this page.

Also, I’ve lined up a very special interview for this blog which I hope to run early next week.


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Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC