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Monk Parakeets On Connecticut’s Dockets

Dogs aren’t the only animals finding their way into Connecticut Case law these days.  Monk Parakeets are flocking their way onto Connecticut’s dockets.

Monk Parakeet

Friends of Animals Inc. had its suit against United Illuminating Dismissed by Judge DeMayo.

Friends of Animals was seeking to stop United Illuminating from capturing and killing monk parakeets that are nesting on utility poles.

Did you know that it is illegal to import or liberate a Monk Parakeet in Connecticut?

Monk Parakeets are amazingly intelligent birds.

So if any Monk Parakeets happen to be reading this: HURRY AND FLY AWAY!!!!


This post is dedicated to Pompey, a parakeet. Though not a Monk Parakeet, I’ve never met a smarter or more affectionate animal. One time when my wife was studying, he flew onto her book and asked “What are you doing?” Sadly, Pompey took his final flight last November but not before touching the lives of all who knew him.


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