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Looking Out For Fido (Leaving Things In Your Will To Your Pets In Connecticut)

I like to generate content in this blog. Those are my best entries but sometimes the practice of law eats into the time I have to write the original content that I enjoy bringing you.

So sometimes in this blog, I’m like Pompey. Pompey was my pet parakeet. Not only was he the best parakeet ever….he was the best pet ever.

He’d fly around and say “I love you.” Pompey said lots of things but only things that he picked up from me and my wife.  And for the record, he never swore.

So today, I am “Pompeying” Matt Curtis’ Blog.

Last week Matt wrote about planning for your pet’s life after your death. Matt offers the following suggestions:

1. Specifically bequeath in your will your pet to a friend of family member along with some money for its care.

2. Specifically bequeath in your will a dollar amount to a person, with the condition that it be spent for the care of your pet.

Sound advice that I’ll proudly “Pompey” here in this blog.


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Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC