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Is Richard Blumenthal Losing the War On Virtual Beer Pong?

by Ryan McKeen


Last July, I wrote about Attorney General Blumenthal taking on the makers of a beer pong video game for the Nintendo Wii. In the name of protecting the children of Connecticut, Mr. Blumenthal forced the makers of the game to rename the game Pong Toss. Point Mr. Blumenthal.

In 2009, the iPhone and iPod Touch are the new Wii.

And guess what, in the App Store there are  at least 3 virtual beer pong games.

One of the games happens to be free.

The cold hard truth that kids in Connecticut have access to virtual beer pong games.

For the time being Connecticut residents can sleep easy at night because in this writer’s opinion the free beer pong application is not worth adding to your iPod.

Update: Timely blog entry, as Mr. Blumenthal has announced he will seek re-election as Connecticut’s Attorney General. We’ll see if continuing the war on virtual beer pong will be part of his platform.


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