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How You Found “A Connecticut Law Blog” In July 2008 and To Those Taking The July 2008 Connecticut Bar Exam

Inspired by Gideon who has some interesting readers of his own.

Here’s just a few of the search terms that brought you to my blog in July:

  • death from bar exam
  • chicken foul game
  • john maples
  • why can people be evicted for being a nuisance
  • when cats attack dogs
  • i have a lawsuit and the defendant wants my social security number
  • eddie vedder
  • bills in apartment connecticut
  • connecticut beer laws
  • evict tennats in connect

Those are just a few of the 400 phrases that landed people on this piece of cyber real estate.


The July 2008 Connecticut Bar Exam starts on Wednesday. I got this email from my good friend and colleague Matt Fontaine, who sent the following email to a bunch of our classmates on the day before the bar exam. We all passed and now so will you:

Well, boys … I haven’t a thing to say.
Played a great game…all of you. Great game.
I guess we just can’t expect to win ‘em all.
I’m going to tell you something I’ve kept to myself for years —
None of you ever knew George Gipp.
It was long before your time.
But you know what a tradition he is at Notre Dame…
And the last thing he said to me — “Rock,” he said –
“sometime, when the team is up against it — and the
breaks are beating the boys — tell them to go out there
with all they got and win just one for the Gipper…
–  I don’t know where I’ll be then, Rock”, he said – “but
I’ll know about it – and I’ll be happy.”


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