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Hartford Housing Judges Busy Writing Opinions

Several years ago, I went to a landlord/tenant continuing legal education course. One of the instructors, a well respected authority on housing law, lamented that Connecticut Superior Court judges were not writing judicial opinions.

The instructor said that the absence of judicial opinions on housing law harmed both landlords and tenants.

Since that seminar, I’ve noticed that Hartford J.D.’s housing court judges have been responsible for writing the vast majority of decisions on Connecticut housing law in recent years.

I wish I had the numbers to support my assertion but I think I’m right here.

From what I’ve noticed, the past three Hartford J.D. housing judges (Judge Bentivegna, Judge Peck, and Judge Wiese) have authored a number of opinions.

Housing law is complicated. Very few cases ever get appealed (landlords almost never appeal because it is usually cheaper and faster to simply start another eviction proceeding). Lots of questions remained unanswered. When judges write opinions it provides lawyers and litigants much needed guidance.


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