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Happy Independence Day

by Ryan McKeen

The Fourth of July is easily one of the best holiday’s of the year.

Perhaps its only fault is that it does not always result in a long weekend.

Holidays on Wednesdays should be illegal.

Our statutes recognize the significance of Independence Day. Check out Conn. Gen. Stat. Sec. 1-5:

As a part of the official observance of Independence Day, appropriate ceremonies shall be held in the hall of flags of the State Capitol on July fourth in each year. The Governor shall issue a proclamation recalling to the citizens of the state the historic significance of Independence Day. The Governor shall designate a state official of a patriotic society or a state official of a veterans organization to plan and have charge of such ceremonies, in such manner that the conduct of such ceremonies shall be alternated from year to year between an official of a patriotic society and an official of a veterans organization. The necessary expense of such ceremony, not exceeding seven hundred and fifty dollars each year, shall be paid to the society or organization conducting the ceremonies.

The drafters of the statute clearly had something very specific in mind.

Have a great long weekend.


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Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC