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Gifts For Those About To Take And Pass The July 2008 Connecticut Bar Exam

A week from today, I’ll get off the Jennings Road exit and see the Connecticut Expo Center parking lot filled with nervous ex-law students.

I’ll be writing more on this in the coming days.

Passing the bar is a big deal. Truly an achievement worth celebrating.

Want an unsolicited gift idea? Again,  in this blog, I strive to answer the questions that you’re not asking.

A few rolls of quarters.

As a lawyer, I am confronted on almost a daily basis with the evil parking meter that only accepts quarters. They’re everywhere outside of court buildings in Connecticut.

And I think Hartford has about one meter maid per meter outside its court buildings. They love to ticket lawyers.

Lawyers need quarters the same way a baker needs an oven.

But have no fear, on exam day parking at the Expo center is free.


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