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Friday Musings: Adverse Possession and Buses In Hartford

I receive daily reports of how you find my blog and which posts get read.

Adverse possession in Connecticut is always near the top of both lists.

Prior to starting this blog, I greatly underestimated the public’s interest in the topic. I find it to be a very fascinating area of law and I’m happy that you do too.

Someday I’d like to try an adverse possession case – it’s on my list of things that I’d like to do in my legal career.

Given the interest in this topic, I wonder if someday I should plaster my face on the side of the bus with a slogan to the following slogan: “Been Using Your Neighbor’s Property For 15 years? I’ll fight to Make It Legally Yours.” Get McKeen 1-888-GET-LAND.

Having my face plastered on a bus is not one of my career goals.

Every time I drive through Hartford, a bus nearly hits my car. Really and truly those blue buses are driving torts.

The bus drivers are out of control and operate with a reckless disregard for traffic.  Which is my guess as to why personal injury lawyers put their faces on them. The last thing someone may remember before getting struck by a bus is “get the power of SO and So on your side.”

Those are my thoughts for this Friday Morning. Have a great weekend.


Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC

Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC