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Friday Morning Coffee

It’s been a busy week but then again what week isn’t busy.

Here’s a roundup of some things I’ve bumped into this week:

For first amendment purposes, context is everything and this Christmas “gift” makes that point. Click here to see what I mean (the amazing thing is that it’s not a spoof and could be yours for a suggested donation of $81.85)  Could make for an interesting future first amendment case. I thought things like this only existed on law school exams.

After you’ve clicked above and you’re either offended or amused, click here and find out what’s on the internet about you and your friends. I learned about this at our CT blogger meetup and was more than a little surprised to learn that such a thing existed. It’s a useful link for all involved in litigation.

Finally, I’d like to thank Dan Schwartz from CT Employment Law Blog for organinzing our blogger meetup. It was great to meet the bloggers that I read on a daily basis.

Make sure to check out the following blogs and support your Connecticut bloggers. You want to find out what’s happening in Hartford and Sprinfield check out: Urban

Saturday UPDATE: It seems the American “Family” Association edited the image that I link to above (good move on their part). Perhaps in response to the link above.  I was one step ahead of them and saved the image.

Here’s the original image the AFA had on their website:

Ultra lighted cross image from AFAs website

Here’s the new and improved lighted cross image. Please notice the nicely photoshopped gift and poinsettia:

Now both cropped and photoshopped.

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