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CT Condo Law: Displaying Political Signs

Matt Conway and George Colli Signs

Common interest communities are interesting legal creatures.

Most condo owners own both more and less than they may think (that’s another blog post for another day).

Displaying a political sign is a way for a homeowner to show support for a candidate.

Driving around my neighborhood I see signs everywhere: “Obama/Biden” “Annie Hornish” “George Colli” “John Kissel” “Matt Conway” “Vote No” “Vote Yes” and my favorite, “Bears for Barack.”

The problem with condos is that what appears to be a unit owners front lawn often isn’t their front lawn.

It is common for condo association bylaws to prohibit the display of signs on the lawns in front a unit or even in the windows of a unit.

There is no statutory right to display a political lawn sign in front of a Connecticut condo.

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