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CT legislature considering a dog and cat lemon law

By Ryan McKeen

I’ve written about lemons before and Attorney Sergei Lemberg writes about them all the time.

If you’re a long time reader then you know my dog Brady. I adopted Brady from the Hartford Pound as a puppy. Dogs at the pound are given 8 days to be adopted or be put to sleep. Click here for a list of pets available at the Hartford Animal Shelter.

Brady is many things.

She is loving, kind, and a good pet.

She’s also a lemon.

Within months of owning her, Brady had to have major hip surgery. The surgery was needed so that she can walk. Her condition was no fault of Hartford Animal Control.

The legislature is considering protection for residents who purchase a dog or cat from a breeder or a pet store. The proposed law would seek to ensure that cats and dogs sold in Connecticut are healthy at the time of purchase and not subject to inhumane conditions. Check out the text of the bill here.

I’ll take back what I wrote earlier. In no sense is Brady a lemon. She’s lemonade.


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