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Connecticut’s Best Food Courts

I think I’ve been to every courthouse in the state except for Milford.

Food and courts go hand and hand. When I’m traveling across the state for an early morning short calendar, I usually end up arriving very early which leaves me plenty of time to kill. I usually grab a coffee and review my file prior to court.

Sometimes (most times) a hearing goes longer than expected and the only chance for lunch comes between 1 and 2 at a local restaurant. This scenario usually provides an excellent opportunity to regroup with the client.

So here are my favorite food courts in Connecticut:

1. Litchfield. There are restaurants abound on West Street in Litchfield. Plenty of parking and options for breakfast, coffee or lunch.  The restaurants aren’t just within walking distance, they’re right next to the court. No chains which is an added plus and more points for the center of Litchfield looking like a Norman Rockwell painting. Food loving associates should jump at the chance to go to court in Litchfield.

2. New Haven. By virtue of there being a court in New Haven it easily makes this list. New Haven has to be one of the best restaurant cities in New England. The only reason it doesn’t rank higher than Litchfield is that the court itself isn’t all that close to where you want to eat. There’s a Brueggers right near the court’s parking garage which is great. I never mind when short calendar runs a little long because time permitting it’s well worth a trip to Wooster Street.

3. Middletown. The court itself features the best and most complete court cafeteria open. It’s open to the public. Middletown scores its points on the list because a sharp left out of the court and a short walk up the road puts you on Main Street in Middletown where the world is your oyster.

You’ll notice that Hartford is not on this list.  If I did a bottom three list it would surely surface there. Tomorrow, I’ll show you where and what to eat if you have court in Hartford.


Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC

Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC