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Connecticut Probate Courts Lack Security

Last weekend, the Hartford Courant ran another editorial arguing for probate court consolidation. Lost in all of the politics of the situation is the glaring fact that Connecticut Probate Courts lack security.

One of the issues that the Courant never seems to address in making the argument for consolidation is the lack of security in probate courts.

Every other court in the state requires anyone entering to pass through a metal detector, have his or her bags screened and there is usually at least one marshall present in court at all times.

I have yet to be in a probate court that had any kind of security in place.

Probate courts handle some very emotional and difficult issues including the termination of parental rights.

Just last week, I was walking into a Connecticut Probate Court when two police officers ran past me into the court. One of the clerks had called the police. Fortunately, the situation was resolved without incident.

Our legislature should do something about the lack of security in Connecticut’s Probate Courts before something horrible happens.


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Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC