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Click Here: Connecticut Attorney Matthew Curtiss Launches A Connecticut Estate Planning Law Blog

by Attorney Ryan McKeen

Sometimes, I get contacted by bloggers who want me to link to his or her site. As you can see, I don’t link to many sites on this blog.

For me, I treat linking to someone’s blog like recommending a restaurant to a friend. I don’t want to send my friends to places that are likely to provide bad food and service.

If you’re taking the time to read this, I consider you a friend.

As your friend, I recommend without hesitation Matthew Curtiss’ Connecticut Estate Planning Blog.

I went to law school with Matt and we were in the same section together during our first year.  You learn a lot about someone when you are section mates in law school. Generally you are in a class of about 60, you sit in the same room all day (professors come to you), and you take the same classes for a whole year.

I have known Matt to be a very intelligent, witty, and all around great guy and I expect his blog to be an extension of who he is.

Check it out.


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Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC