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Check This Out

I can’t top these two posts from Attorney Norm Pattis – so I won’t try.

These posts are as insightful as any you will find in the law blogosphere.

Here’s a snippet from Loretta’s Restrained Sister:

My client learned one day that her hurband was, er, um, inserting a significant portion of himself into a female neighbor. After throwing him out of the marital home, she fumed at him one night, promising to cut off his offending appendage. She’s been charged with threatening.

Yesterday, Norm added a new post “The Stupidest Prosecution That I Have Ever Defended” about jury selection in the case. He remarks:

She has been charged with ten crimes for all this. Muliple counts of breach of the peace, assault, harassment, disorderly conduct. We begin evidence today. I marvel at this. What a waste of time and resources.

All I can add is that I’d be lucky a lucky man if this was all my wife was charged with.

by Ryan C. McKeen


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Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC