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Camera Phones In Connecticut Courts

Non-lawyers cannot bring camera phones or other digital recording devices into Connecticut’s court buildings.

Lawyers can obtain a Judicial Branch ID Card that allows the lawyer to bring a digital recording device into a court building. This is done only after the lawyer takes a written oath that he or she will not use a digital recording device in court.

Cell phones and PDAs (without cameras) are allowed for both lawyers and non-lawyers.

These rules have never made any sense to me and evidently I’m not the only one.

According to the Connecticut Law Tribune 290,000 camera phones were checked in at Connecticut’s courts.  Cameras are checked in by judicial marshals at the security checkpoint.

Security checkpoints are at the entrance to court buildings.

Checking camera phones slows down the entry of to the court building.

This isn’t so bad on a nice day but the last time I checked there is no Judicial District for the District of San Diego in Connecticut.

People can be and often are stuck outside court buildings waiting in the rain or snow as cell phones are being checked.

According to the Connecticut Law Tribune,  Chief Justice Rogers is asking the judges to pass a rule allowing camera phones to enter courthouses.

This makes a ton of sense.

I applaud Justice Rogers and her efforts to make courts more accessible.

Little things like not having to wait in the rain for longer than necessary are steps in the right direction.


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