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Baltimore’s Greatest Hits

Baltimore? Perhaps better known around here as the home of Fenway South.

I know this is a Connecticut Law Blog, but like you, I’ve got my eyes set on the long weekend.

As far as maintaining a blog, sometimes you need some low hanging fruit. This certainly qualifies as such.

Baltimore Judge Bruce Lamdin was suspended for making some inappropriate comments on the bench. Check out the full article here.

I’ve gone Sportscenter and pulled some highlights of Judge Lambin’s comments for you:

  • To a defendant accused of speeding: “What’s the big rush to get back to Pennsylvania? It’s an ugly state.”
  • To a lawyer no prescription adipex whose client was sent to the lockup for a bad attitude: “Did he get his head out of where he had it inserted earlier today, Mr. Chase?”
  • To a defendant accused of driving on a suspended license: “Well Mr. Jones, the hits keep coming. I mean, if there is a pile of shit there you’ll step in it. … So am I doing the taxpayers justice by locking this stupid ass up for additional time or am I just punishing the taxpayers? But is he one of the biggest dumb asses I’ve ever seen? Absolutely.”

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