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And our next President is….

I don’t know who will win the Presidency this November but Nate Silver has a good idea who will.

This is not a political blog but I love politics, history, and baseball. On the walls of my office are various baseball photographs and a picture of Bobby Kennedy walking his dog Freckles while campaigning in Oregon during the 1968 democratic primary.

Every spring, I spend a lunch at Barnes and Noble in Glastonbury on the day the Baseball Prospectus annual. I want to know how the Red Sox are going to do in the coming season.

Baseball Prospectus provides a numbers driven analysis of baseball and there is no better source for baseball stats and projections than Baseball Prospectus.

For years, I’ve read Nate Silver’s baseball projections (PECOTA). Nate Silver is the best in the business.

This spring, I also found out that Nate Silver also runs

If you like politics check out

For the record, I think the Cubs win the World Series and I agree with who Nate Silver thinks will win the election.

If I’m right, they’ll be a lot of celebrating this fall in Chicago.


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