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Adoptions in Connecticut: Adopting Adults

Ever wish you were adopted by a wealthy person?

Generally, when I think of adoption, I think of an adult adopting a minor child. However, an adult in Connecticut can agree to be adopted by another adult. Here’s the statute:

Any person eighteen years of age or older may, by written agreement with another person at least eighteen years of age but younger than himself or herself, unless the other person is his or her wife, husband, brother, sister, uncle or aunt of the whole or half-blood, adopt the other person as his or her child, provided the written agreement shall be approved by the court of probate for the district in which the adopting parent resides …..  Conn. Gen. Stat. Sec. 45a-734

I wonder if the Anna Nicole  Smith Supreme Court case could have been avoided if only she had adopted instead of married for money. Probably not.


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