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A Dog Fight In Family Court

…Not literally, but it makes for a better blog title than “People Fighting Over Possession Of Dog In Connecticut Family Court.”


Dogs are legally considered personal property under the laws of Connecticut.

In Hade v. Kozlowski, 2008 WL 2039281, (Caruso, JTR) a major disagreement between the parties involved possession of their dog, a golden retriever named “Bandit”.

JTR Caruso found that the causes for the breakdown of the marriage rested solely on the defendant. Those with Westlaw should read the opinion for more details but I’ll just say that in my opinion, JTR Caruso did not do the defendant any favors (see the last paragraph on *1).

Accordingly, JTR Caruso ordered possession and ownership of “Bandit” to the plaintiff. In the same section of the ruling the court ordered the plaintiff to return the silver tray to the defendant.

I guess not every dog has its day (in court).


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