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The Case For George Colli

George Colli meets with voters at the Country Diner in Enfield. Image courtesy of

This not a political blog.

I try to avoid the subject of politics in this blog but at least one race in the state is too important.

This blog is about how the laws of the State of Connecticut impact you.

Our laws impact our lives in ways big and small. What happens in Hartford matters.

The race for Connecticut’s 7th Senatorial matters.

More to the point, electing George Colli to the State Senate matters.

George Colli understands the direct connection between land use laws and business growth.

Which is why George strongly supports investment in light rail for North Central Connecticut. Light rail would connect Springfield and Bradley Airport with Hartford.

George knows that light rail would encourage mixed use development around train stations providing a sorely needed boost to Thompsonville and Windsor Locks. The train stations would serve as anchors for small business development.

George Colli has studied the impact of light rail in cities like Worcester for the better.

Hartford needs to be better connected to Boston and New York if Connecticut wants to grow its economy and keep young people in the state.

The idea of taking light rail to work is foreign to most Connecticut residents who don’t live in Fairfield County. This shouldn’t be.

Light rail is good for the environment, good for our Connecticut’s economy, and good for the economic health of towns in North Central Connecticut.

We need someone for Connecticut’s 7th Senatorial seat that understands this. George Colli is that man.

George has experience in both running a small business and in real estate. He has the energy to fight for investment in light rail for North Central Connecticut and the talent to get it done.

We can’t afford to let this train pass us by.

Join me in voting for George Colli on November 4th.


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