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2022 Winner: ArihJey Villon-Nahue

Being a first generation student is very daunting. I am incredibly thankful for the people who have supported me: my mom, grandparents, godparents, my teachers, and the people in my parish. I feel very blessed to be in the position I am today. I know that being the first person in my family to go to College also serves as an example to my younger sister and cousins. College is a world in and of itself that is difficult to navigate, but I am so grateful to be in a position where my family supports me to the best of their ability.

Being in college is amazing. I am double majoring as a Criminal Justice and Psychology student. There are so many opportunities to my benefit during my journey at Elms College and even after I receive my degree. When I graduate I want to work as a probation officer; I want to work within city hall and help the people of my community. Eventually, I do want to go back to school and pursue a career as a lawyer.

2022 Winner: Megan Hayes

My name is Megan Hayes. I am currently a senior at Enfield High School and will be attending Eastern Connecticut State University in the fall to study Psychological Science.
I am so excited to pursue my dreams of going to college as a first generation student in my family. I have found motivation for these goals in support from my peers, teachers, extracurriculars, family and more. It has been difficult to stay focused through two years of online schooling because of COVID, but I am so very proud of how far I have come and I am ecstatic to have the opportunity of studying at a university with such a loving support system by my side, even if they are far away.

2021 Winner: Brentavia Fallin

Education Accessibility Scholarship winner Brentavia Fallin with Ryan MckeenHello, my name is Brentavia Fallin. I was born and raised in Jamaica, and then came to America and lived in Manchester most of my life. I am currently a senior at Enfield High School. I will be attending Manchester Community College for two years where I will be studying to receive my Associates Degree to become a midwife.

During my last year of high school at Enfield High I felt like I wanted to give up because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The distance-learning and how easy it was to get sidetracked was challenging, but yet I still reminded myself that I have to make my family proud and that I have to keep focused. Some of my interests include dancing, singing, listening to music, and going out with friends and family.

2020 Winner: Miki Ivanisin

Education Accessibility Scholarship winner Miki IvanisinHi, my name is Miki Ivanisin.  I am originally from Broad Brook, CT but I am currently in Senior in East Granby High School, where I moved, in May 2019. I will be attending Manchester Community College for 2 years then plan to finish my degree, in Criminal Justice, from the University of New Haven.

During my last year of school in East Windsor High, I tried something I never thought would interest me – The Drama Club, I loved it.  This past fall, in joined the indoor Track & Field team at my new school.  I was a competitive Gymnast for 9 years where I achieved the title “Connecticut State Champion” for 3 years.  I have participated in CrossFit and love being outdoors.  Some of my interests include hiking, exercising, painting, drawing, reading and doing puzzles. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

My goal for a career is to enter the Policy Academy to train K-9 Officers.

Reaction Statement:For the first time in my life, I was rendered speechless.  I don’t know how to show my gratitude and appreciation for being awarded your “Access to Education” Scholarship. Thank you so much for recognizing my hard work.


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