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Catastrophic injuries can have long-term or permanent effects, and as a result, may change the course of your life. Additionally, this type of permanent bodily harm may have serious emotional consequences and lead to substantial financial strain. These injuries are often costly to treat because they could require a lifetime of care.

Thankfully, a Marlborough catastrophic injury lawyer could help you recoup the cost of this treatment from the person responsible for your losses. Therefore, if you are living with the consequences of a permanent injury, you may benefit from a discussion with a seasoned personal injury attorney.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Any injury that results in a permanent or long-term debilitating injury could qualify as a catastrophic. There are countless ways these injuries may occur. A catastrophic injury attorney could advise an injured party if their injury is viable for a Marlborough civil claim. Some examples of these injuries may include:

In some cases, these injuries could increase the risk of severe health consequences in the future. For example, severe burns are devastating because, in addition to the pain and scarring they cause, these wounds also may increase the chances of a dangerous infection. A spinal injury could cause a host of health issues over time, as well, including paralysis, organ failure, or chronic pain.

The risk of additional medical treatment could dramatically increase the cost of treating a catastrophic injury. It may be challenging to plan for these expenses, as these subsequent health issues may not become immediately apparent.

Potential Compensation in a Catastrophic Injury Claim in Marlborough

While the cost of medical treatment could be a substantial expense following a catastrophic injury, it is only one type of economic loss that could occur. A severe injury may cause someone to lose their ability to work, which could result in a dramatic loss of income. In some cases, this loss may be permanent. The loss of income, coupled with the expenses stemming from this injury, could be overwhelming for many people.

The measurable losses that result from a catastrophic injury are known as economic damages. These losses have an objective dollar value tied to them. Common examples may include bills for physical therapy, emergency room visits, or surgical procedures.

These injuries also could lead to emotional damages. Unlike economic damages, this form of compensation covers subjective losses. Instead of helping an injured party recover from the financial damages, noneconomic compensation allow someone to recover for their pain and suffering, loss of consortium, or mental anguish. A Marlborough attorney could assist with proving the value of an individual’s noneconomic and economic damages in a catastrophic injury case.

Call a Marlborough Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Catastrophic injuries could happen in many situations. Often, these injuries occur when you least expect it. When the unexpected happens, a skilled legal advisor could protect your rights. Your attorney could evaluate the cause of your injuries and advise you of the compensation that may be available. To get started, call a Marlborough catastrophic injury lawyer from our firm today.


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