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The moments after a car wreck can be extremely important for the outcome of a lawsuit. Because there are many mistakes that a person can make in the aftermath of an accident, it is important to seek the guidance of a skilled personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

If a negligent driver was at fault for your losses, you may be entitled to recover compensation. An experienced Marlborough car accident lawyer could explain your legal options and help you avoid common pitfalls that may impact your compensatory award.

Comparative Negligence in Car Wreck Cases

According to the theory of comparative fault, if the actions of the injured claimant are partially to blame for their losses, they may still recover compensation from other responsible parties. However, courts may bar recovery if the plaintiff is found to be more than 51 percent responsible for causing the accident.

If a judge finds that the injured claimant is partially at fault, they may reduce this person’s compensatory award by an amount proportionate to their contribution to the crash. A Marlborough car accident attorney could explain how comparative negligence may affect a plaintiff’s recovery based on their case and could build an argument that maximizes their potential compensation.

Statute of Limitations and Recoverable Damages

If an injured person or their attorney can prove that the negligence of another person caused them to suffer injuries in an accident, they may be entitled to receive damages that offset any resulting. Compensation may cover noneconomic damages as well as economic losses.

Those injured in auto collisions may miss time from work. Therefore, compensation may cover lost wages in addition to medical bills and physical therapy costs. Recovery may also include emotional losses such as pain and suffering. Additionally, a claim may be able to request compensation for repairs or replacement of their vehicle.

Those injured in a car crash have two years to prepare and file a claim. This statutory deadline is established in the state statute of limitations, which bars claims filed after this timeframe. A seasoned Marlborough attorney who is familiar with car accident claims could work to ensure compliance with the statute of limitations and could appropriately calculate an injured claimant’s losses.

Work with an Experienced Marlborough Car Accident Attorney

A person injured in a car wreck may be entitled to compensation to offset the adverse effects of the crash. A well-versed legal professional could establish the true value of your case and pursue fair compensation that may adequately meet your present and future needs.

If suffered injuries or severe property damages in an auto collision, it can be difficult to focus on your recovery if you are facing financial instability. You do not have to go through this daunting process alone. Turn your worries over to a compassionate Marlborough car accident lawyer who could help you set your life right after a devastating wreck. For a free consultation on your case, call today.


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