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A standard motor vehicle accident case in Manchester takes roughly about two to three days of litigation. Manchester car accident trials are typically scheduled about 18 months in advance. Prior to the trial commencing, each party prepares for the jury selection by vetting potential jurors to determine who could be fair and impartial in deciding the case.

Once the trial commences, the judge would hear any motions on evidentiary matters that either side believes should be excluded from the record. Then, the trial proceeds with the plaintiff’s attorney giving their opening statement followed by the defendant’s legal counsel presenting their beginning arguments.

After opening statements, the plaintiff calls all the potential witnesses to testify on their behalf. Then, the defendant is allowed to do the same. Finally, both sides would give their closing statements. These ending arguments are meant to summarize all of the facts the jury heard and tell them why they should be in favor of either side.

Each party has the opportunity to explain what they think the evidence means and how much compensation should be awarded to the plaintiff if any. After closing statements, the jury would then deliberate and return with the verdict.

Litigation with Multiple Defendants

If there are multiple defendants in a case, the litigation proceeds differently. All defendant parties would need to coordinate to ensure that they present their case effectively. In jury selection, for example, multiple defendants need to work together to use shared strikes to remove potential bias jurors from the pool. Each side is limited to the number of strikes, and therefore, multiple defendants would need to collaborate to keep the jury selection moving efficiently.

Additionally, the order in which the case is presented before the court does not change with multiple defendants. The plaintiff still presents their argument first, and then the defendants would follow.

In a car accident trial with multiple defendants, a Manchester attorney would present their argument by establishing which party is responsible, at what portion they are at fault, and why this is so. They would use their evidence to make this argument with respect to each defendant.

How Multiple Defendants May Impact the Outcome and the Length of a Case

Having multiple defendants may influence the outcome of a case because it may lead to a larger sum of money that could be available to the injured party. In this scenario, early settlement may be a good prospect.

However, when there are multiple defendants may be more difficult to discuss the injuries involved in a case due to health privacy laws. Each side must provide HIPAA releases to obtain medical records, which may be a complex and lengthy process.

Factors the Could Impact the Length of a Trial

If a case has complex facts concerning liability or the plaintiff’s injuries, it may take longer to litigate. For instance, if a plaintiff suffers long-term bodily harm, litigators must evaluate how this may impact them in the future, which may require more extensive evidence.

Additionally, if the injured party is claiming lost wages, the evidence could take longer to collect because there is a significant amount of information that needs to be presented with regards to how much work the plaintiff missed and what future income they might be entitled. If the plaintiff can no longer work, their attorney may need to establish their permanent injuries along with a summary of the projected future earnings that the plaintiff lost.

Bench Trials Versus Jury Trials

Some car accident cases in Manchester may involve jury trials, while others may involve bench trials. This is because some cases may be better suited for bench trials, especially if there are complex circumstances surrounding the claim. A well-practiced attorney could make this assessment after an initial consultation.

It is important to understand that not every case that a claimant files goes to trial. Skilled legal counsel could resolve a case with the defendant’s attorney during settlement negotiations while still ensuring that the plaintiff receives compensation for the entirety of their losses.

Contact an Attorney to Discuss Motor Vehicle Accident Trials in Manchester

The litigation process during Manchester car accident trials can be difficult to navigate without legal representation. A seasoned attorney could compile important evidence to present to the judge or jury and handle any legal obstacles that may arise. To get started on your case, call today.


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