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In Connecticut, a minor must be at least 16 years old to begin driver’s education classes and obtain their learner’s permit or driver’s license. Once a teen driver goes through formal driving education and completes their at-home driving hours, they are eligible to take the driving test to earn their license. Unfortunately, these precautions and regulations may not always protect your teen from getting into an accident.

If your teenager was injured in a car wreck, you should speak with a Manchester teen driver accident lawyer for help on your case. A well-versed car wreck attorney could guide you through the specific laws surrounding teen drivers and how these laws may impact your child’s case.

Learner’s Permit Guidelines

Teen drivers must complete 30 hours of classroom training for those who attend commercial driving school or a high school driving school. These new drivers must wait four months after receiving their learner’s permit before taking the driving test.

If a parent decides to teach their teenager to drive at home, the minor must complete 22 hours of classroom type training, eight hours of a safe driving practices course, and must hold their permit for six months before taking the driving exam for their license. All new drivers must complete two hours of legal guardian training and 40 hours of driving practice before being eligible for the driver’s license test.

When Are Teenage Drivers Granted Full Driving Privileges?

The law grants teen drivers full privileges after their 18th birthday. Otherwise, novice drivers have a passenger restriction until they have held their license for six months. Once a teen driver has their license for more than six months, they may drive immediate family members. However, only after a novice driver has their license for a year can they drive anyone, without restriction.

Some other restrictions that new drivers may face are seatbelt, cellphone, and curfew restrictions. It is imperative to note that a teen driver may drive past curfew if it is for employment, school, religious activities, or a medical emergency. All of these limitations are in effect until the driver turns 18.

Common Factors in Car Accidents Involving Teens

Teen drivers may be at a higher risk for getting into car accidents involving distracted driving because they are much more likely to drive friends, play loud music, talk on the phone, and drive home at night. All these factors, combined with the inability to fully understand the consequences of their actions and their lack of driving experience, makes them more vulnerable to be involved in a wreck. Teen drivers can be especially susceptible to rear-end car wrecks.

In this area, teenage driver accidents frequently occur in the commercial area near the Buckland Hills Mall. This area may result in more accident with novice drivers because there is a large number of lanes of traffic, high traffic volume, many traffic lights, and intersections with the highway. Interstate 84 also can be prone to accidents involving minors. A Manchester teen driver accident attorney could review the specifics of your child’s case to determine if they conducted in any of these common reckless behaviors and could evaluate how their actions may impact their claim.

How are Teen Driver Accidents Different?

If the driver is under 18, there could be different rules that apply to them in a car wreck case. For instance, if they acted negligently because they had passengers in the vehicle, this can be additional grounds for recklessness because they were not permitted to have passengers in the first place.

A crash caused by a teenage driver also could subject their parent’s to liability. Under the family car doctrine, legal guardians may be held liable for the actions of their children and therefore could be civilly responsible for any damages they cause. Additionally, if a teen driver is in an accident, it may cause their insurance rates to go up. It is important to understand if a novice driver admits fault, they may be recorded, and this statement could be used against in a civil case. An experienced teenage driver accident lawyer in Manchester could guide a parent and their teen through this process and work to ensure an optimal outcome for both the child and their legal guardians.

Contact a Manchester Teen Driver Accident Attorney

When a family experiences their teen driver getting into an accident, they should look for a Manchester teen driver accident lawyer who is passionate, experienced with novice driver cases, and is familiar with representing teenagers. An attorney should understand the specific laws regarding teen drivers as well as how an accident could impact a teen’s schooling and other aspects of their life. If your teenager was involved in a car wreck, reach out to an attorney to discuss your legal options.


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