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Failure to yield occurs when a driver does not yield to traffic that has the right of way on the road. Most failure to yield collisions occur when a driver runs a stop sign or a stoplight or when someone fails to yield to traffic as they enter a highway. Severe injuries can occur when a driver pulls out of a parking lot and does not yield to oncoming traffic. If you were injured in a situation similar to any of these, you should speak with a Manchester failure to yield accident lawyer. An experienced car wreck attorney could work on your case and help protect your rights to damages for your losses.

What is the Right of Way?

The right of way allows a vehicle to operate safely in their designated lane. Yield signs, stop signs, and stoplights govern when vehicles should proceed and which vehicles should yield to traffic. Ignoring the signs may cause catastrophic injuries and could create liability for someone who does not follow them because they are violating traffic laws.

For example, the right of way could be something that occurs at an intersection where a light turns green or when a car stops at a sign. The right of way also is relevant when a driver merges onto the highway and must yield to the other cars already traveling on the road. When someone does not give another vehicle their right of way, this could result in a serious car wreck.

Identifying Fault in Failure to Yield Cases

When someone fails to yield, they may be liable for causing the accident because they did not have the right of way to proceed with the vehicle as they did. In some failure to yield situations, it can be unclear which driver had the right of way and which driver did not follow this traffic law. For instance, it can be challenging to establish which driver should have stopped first at a stop sign or yield sign or there could be a question as to which vehicle should have been in a certain lane of traffic when the incident occurred. A skilled Manchester failure to yield accident attorney could review an injured party’s case to determine who may be at fault for an accident and how this could impact their compensation.

How Insurance Companies Treat Failure to Yield Crashes

Insurance companies frequently treat failure to yield accidents as contested liability cases. They may attempt to establish that their insuree is not at fault because this driver had the right of way even though this might not legally be the case in terms of traffic laws. A diligent failure to yield car wreck lawyer in Manchester could negotiate with the defendant’s insurance company to ensure that the injured party receives fair compensation.

What is the Role of a Law Firm in a Failure to Yield Case?

A Manchester lawyer investigates failure to yield accidents by looking for cameras in the area, visiting the intersection, and looking for independent witnesses to the accident. The attorney also may look for dashcam footage and may do an online search if the information is available.

When an injured party has a law firm behind them, they have a team of people working on their behalf. A legal team may be able to work through a case more efficiently and thoroughly than a solo practitioner and could put more resources behind a case. A solo lawyer also may take time away from other cases to take one case to trial, which is less likely to happen when working with an entire firm.

Contacting Manchester Failure to Yield Accident Attorney

If you were injured after another driver did not give you the right of way, you should contact a Manchester failure to yield accident lawyer for help on your case.  They could review the facts of your case to determine the best course of legal to help you pursue fair compensation. For a free consultation on your case, call today.


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