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Following a dog bite, an injured individual may want to learn about the role of a Glastonbury dog bite lawyer. An attorney who understands such cases could advocate on an injured person’s behalf and work to hold the irresponsible owner accountable for the harm their dog caused. If you suffered severe injuries due to a dangerous dog, consult with a compassionate dog bite lawyer today. Let a seasoned legal professional help you recover the damages you deserve.

Top Reasons to Speak with an Attorney After a Dog Bite

The top three reasons a person who has been bitten by a dog should contact a lawyer are that their medical bills may be piling up, the dog could remain a danger to other people, and insurance companies generally know that there is an imbalance in the knowledge of what types of compensation a person deserves and what they are going to pay. The role of a Glastonbury dog bite lawyer could help even those odds. Our team could help one collect the compensation they need to recover from the incident.

Investigating the Incident

An attorney who is familiar with dog bite cases could assist an injured person by launching their own independent investigation. They could investigate the dog to see if it has a history of biting or previous incidents where it exhibited vicious behavior in an unprovoked manner. The presence of such a history may suggest that a dog owner acted negligently by not controlling their dog properly. The lawyer could also work to ensure that the bite is reported to local authorities and a report is created.

The dog bite attorney also plays a role in investigating whether there is any homeowners insurance or any other kind of coverage that would provide a way for the injured individual to recover damages. They also may serve as a correspondent between the person who is bitten, the medical providers, and the billing companies looking to collect their money.

Recovering Damages

In most cases, if someone is attacked and severely injured by a dog, they are eligible to recover damages. However, a person who is on another person’s property illegally may have a more difficult time proving negligence. Additionally, anyone under the age of seven is generally presumed innocent unless the dog owner proves otherwise to trespassing or provoking the dog that attacked because of their young age. A lot of people think that if the dog owner does not have insurance there is no recovery, but there are plenty of times where there may be a homeowners’ insurance policy that covers such an incident.

For example, in some cases in which someone gets bitten by a neighbor’s dog, the landlord could potentially be held responsible. Even if that person or landlord does not own the dog. An injured person and their attorney could argue that the landlord knew or should have known about a dog’s vicious tendencies. This may be alleged through previous complaints, bite incidents, or lack of warning signs in the building.

The Statute of Limitations Regarding Dog Bites and Attacks

The statute of limitations surrounding dog bites is slightly different in comparison to other personal injury cases. Each dog bite case may vary depending on how the bite occurred and who the injured individual attempts to sue. If they are going to sue someone who owns the dog or who keeps that dog, they usually have three years under Connecticut’s dog bite statute. If they want to sue someone else who does not own the dog but they think is responsible for their injuries, they have two years.

As a general rule of thumb, lawyers may advise that an injured person has two years to file the lawsuit. It is often better to file early than to wait and risk losing their right to recover damages. Additionally, if a person waits to file a lawsuit, the insurance company may deny the claim in the meantime. In consequence of the denial, an injured person’s financial stability may be strained as they would have to face paying for current medical bills without assistance. A Glastonbury dog bite attorney plays a vital role in ensuring this time constraint is met.

Learn About the Role of a Dog Bite Lawyer in Glastonbury

A dog bite is a traumatic experience that may leave an individual with devastating injuries. If you or a loved one has suffered through such an experience, contact a reliable attorney. They could explain how the role of a Glastonbury dog bite lawyer might be beneficial when pursuing damages to address unexpected medical bills and holding a negligent party accountable. Call today and start reviewing your potential legal options.


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