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A rental car is a vehicle that is owned by another party but is temporarily used by someone else. When someone rents a car, it is usually from a licensed rental car agency like Enterprise. Due to the ownership of another party, the insurance and liability aspects of the case could be different than typical car wrecks. If you were injured in an accident with a rental car, reach out to a dedicated car collision attorney. A Glastonbury rental car accident lawyer could help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Coverage for Rental Cars

Insurance coverage for rental car collisions and regular car wrecks do not differ except when it comes to supplemental insurance. In certain cases, the rental car company could sell extra liability insurance to the rental car driver. It is important to know that the rental car company does a check to make sure that the driver who is renting has an active insurance premium and that coverage goes onto the driver. For more information about insurance coverage for rental car drivers, reach out to a knowledgeable rental car collision attorney in Glastonbury.

Fact Patterns Surrounding Glastonbury Rental Crashes

Aside from the generic differences between various types of cars, there is nothing specifically distinct between rental cars and other rental transportation vehicles. Rental cars are commonly involved in accidents since people are not used to driving them. Rental vehicles may not have same sight lines, could brake differently, may be higher or lower than they are used to being, or could have different acceleration. A surprisingly high number of people who end up end crashing cars that they are renting simply because of lack of familiarity with the vehicle.

Establishing Liability

Following an accident, an experienced attorney could investigate the incident to determine how the at-fault driver was negligent. This is why it is essential to reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible after a car collision. The sooner an attorney is called, the sooner they could assist with collecting evidence. The evidence could include photos of the scene, police report, tire marks, and any available video footage. This evidence could disappear fast, therefore, it is critical to call a Glastonbury lawyer with experience handling rental car crashes immediately.

Reach Out to a Glastonbury Rental Car Accident Attorney

If you or someone you loved was involved in a car collision with a driver of a rental car, contact a dedicated attorney today. An experienced Glastonbury rental car accident lawyer could help you build an injury claim. Car collisions can lead to serious injuries and expensive medical bills. Fortunately, a lawyer could help you through the aftermath of a wreck to ensure that you are able to recover the compensation that you deserve. The damages you could be eligible for include medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. A seasoned rental car collision attorney in Glastonbury could fight for your right to compensation. Call today and schedule a consultation. Let a dedicated legal professional help you through this difficult time.


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