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Parking lots are a common location for car accidents. This is because there are numerous distractions for both drivers and pedestrians. If you or a loved one were injured in a car collision in a parking lot, reach out to a dedicated car wreck lawyer. A Glastonbury parking lot accident lawyer could help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Uniques Aspects of Parking Lot Crashes

Parking lot accidents are different from a typical car crash. Collisions in parking lots or car garages usually occur when cars are backing up or making a turn. The driver’s attention could be diverted by looking at a sign instead exactly where they are going. Also, accidents in parking lots tend to occur at slower speeds. There is a heightened duty of awareness that a driver must have when they are operating a vehicle in a parking lot. People driving in a parking lot must drive slowly, check their mirrors, and look at their backup camera if they have one. Drivers must be on the lookout for pedestrians and other vehicles in the area.

In Connecticut, a parking lot crash is subject to the jurisdiction of motor vehicle laws. One of the biggest differences between parking lot accidents and other car wrecks is that there could be numerous cameras and security footage in the lot that a lawyer could use as evidence. This is why it is essential to reach out to a Glastonbury parking lot accident attorney as soon as possible following a wreck.

Establishing Negligence

In parking lots, pedestrians have the right of way. Given the harm that could be done to the pedestrian, vehicles have an obligation to be looking out for pedestrians. It is imperative that drivers and pedestrians are aware of their surroundings. If a distracted driver causes a wreck, they could be found liable for the accident. If two vehicles are both backing out in a parking space at the same time and they collide, both drivers could be at fault and charged with negligence. A seasoned parking lot accident attorney in Glastonbury could review the facts of the case to help determine who the negligent party is.

Common Misconceptions About Parking Lot Collisions

The most common misconception about parking lot accidents is that a low-speed impact cannot cause significant damages and injuries. Given the mass of the vehicles and the physics involved, the cars do not have to be moving tremendously fast in order to exert a serious amount of force onto the other individual. If a driver turns the wrong way, even at a slow speed, they could end up with any number of minor to catastrophic injuries.

Contact a Glastonbury Parking Lot Accident Attorney

A person in a parking lot accident injury case is recommended to consult a firm that is knowledgeable about parking lot accidents. A hard-working attorney could examine the facts of a case to determine contributory negligence, negotiate with insurance companies, and secure relevant information to strengthen an injury claim. The lawyer may also need to look at the layout of the parking lot or garage and hire a reconstructionist or an engineer. Call a Glastonbury parking lot accident lawyer today.


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