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How can you get your life back in order after a product failure? The answer depends on the nature of your accident. Exposure to chemicals, untested medications, or other failed products can leave you with financial and physical losses. While you can work with medical professionals to map your physical recovery, attorneys can help you navigate your legal response.

A product liability lawyer in Enfield, CT, can investigate your losses and identify the negligence that caused your accident. In doing so, we can pave the way for you to bring a lawsuit against the individual or manufacturer that caused your recent accident.

Want to learn more? You can contact Connecticut Trial Firm today to book an initial case evaluation with the personal injury attorneys in Enfield. We’re ready to go to court on your behalf.

Common Product Liability Cases

Manufacturers and their employees are required by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and related institutions to test their products before their official release. Manufacturers that fail to perform these tests can release dangerous products onto the market for public consumption.

With that in mind, any industry can see blowback from a product failure and subsequent product liability cases. In turn, you may have the right to a product liability case after contending with anything from an exploding Instapot to the inappropriate use of asbestos in home insulation.

You may even have the right to pursue a product liability accident after enduring some manner of personal injury due to a failed medical product, including a stint, mesh, or medication. You can work with product liability attorneys in Enfield, CT, to classify your case and act accordingly.

Product Liability Cases Are Personal Injury Cases

“Personal injury” serves as a wide-reaching umbrella term for several types of lawsuits. Product liability cases fall under this umbrella. That means that you must uphold Connecticut’s personal injury statute of limitations if you want to demand compensation for a product liability injury or loss.

General Statutes of Connecticut section 52-584 gives you no more than two years to act after a product liability accident. You must bring your claim forward within that time period if you want a judge to consider your case.

Note that your statute of limitations may change based on the party you choose to hold liable for your losses or whether or not you choose to pursue a class action case. Our team recommends consulting with an experienced attorney shortly after your product liability accident to better outline your specific filing timeline.

How to Recover from a Product Liability Case

There are a few different ways for you to financially recover from a product liability accident. You can:

Explore Warranties and Relevant Insurance Policies

It’s in your and the community’s best interest to report a product failure to an applicable manufacturer. If your accident is the first of its kind, the manufacturer can issue a recall and prevent similar accidents from upending other consumers’ lives. You may also have the opportunity to file an insurance claim with a manufacturer’s provider.

That said, communicating with manufacturers after a product liability accident isn’t always that straightforward. Most manufacturers will try to stonewall you in an effort to either keep their products on the market, limit the publicity around your accident, or shelter their insurance premiums. What can you do in the face of that corporate power?

When in doubt, call on a product liability attorney. An experienced lawyer can help you manage your initial communications with a manufacturer long before you ever consider going to court. In doing so, we can prevent a manufacturer or insurance provider from forcing you to assume some of the fault for your accident. 

We additionally make sure that applicable parties treat your accident with the sincerity that it deserves. We continually fight against insurance claims adjusters’ and manufacturers’ representatives’ efforts to undervalue the nature of your losses.

Contact a Product Liability Lawyer in Enfield

If you do not receive the compensation you need to recover from an insurance provider or related party, it may be time to take your losses before a judge. You can contact a product liability lawyer within hours of your accident to discuss whether or not other parties have a class action case in the works.

Should there not be a class action case already brewing, you may have the opportunity to establish one. You can alternatively pursue independent compensation for your losses. Our team can sit down with you, outline your actionable options, and help you determine which path forward best suits your interests.

Taking a Product Liability Case to Civil Court

Should you choose to take a product liability case to civil court, either independently or as part of a class action lawsuit, you need to:

  • Prove that a manufacturer’s negligence led to your accident, or
  • Prove that a manufacturer’s product description inaccurately represented the dangers of the product, or
  • Claim that a product was inappropriately advertised

You then have an obligation to meet Connecticut’s burden of proof by bringing forward witness statements, debris, and other forms of evidence to help make your case. You additionally need to use evidence to prove that you suffered economic losses due to a product failure and that you deserve reasonable compensation.

You have to do all of this on top of contending with accident-related injuries and managing your case’s filing deadline. Fortunately, no one’s making you act alone. You can collaborate with an Enfield, CT, product liability attorney to make the most of the time allotted to you. 

You Can Call CT Trial Firm for Legal Support Today

Do you need legal support after a product failure? Don’t let the opportunity for a civil case slip through your fingers. You can call on an Enfield product liability attorney for help filing a personal injury lawsuit against the individual or corporation responsible for your recent losses.

Are you ready to learn more about the civil process? You can contact Connecticut Trial Firm’s team today to book a free case evaluation. We use the evaluation process to better understand the circumstances that led to your accident and the overall value of your case. 

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