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If you were injured in an accident and suffered financial, physical, or emotional losses, you might be unsure of what to do next. When someone else’s negligence was a factor in causing your injuries, you could be eligible for financial compensation.

An Enfield personal injury lawyer could help you understand your rights and pursue the best path of action forward. Allow an experienced attorney to help you seek the compensation that you need and hold the responsible party accountable for their actions.

Types of Accidents Caused by Negligence

When someone fails to use reasonable care to prevent foreseeable harm to others, it is known as negligence. Most accidents involve negligence by at least one party, and investigation often reveals that several incidents of negligence by multiple parties led to a particular mishap. State law allows a person who suffered losses due to the negligence of others to seek compensation from all the potentially liable parties.

There are many types of injuries that typically result from negligence. Some common situations that may prompt an attorney to pursue damages on behalf of an injured party include:

A skilled attorney could analyze a plaintiff’s situation to build a strong personal injury case against the other party.

Proving Fault in an Accident Claim

When establishing a negligence claim, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant failed to uphold a duty of care that they owed to the plaintiff. The nature and degree of the duty will depend on the circumstances.

For example, a driver must obey traffic laws and pay attention to other road users. Failing to do so is a breach of duty. Similarly, a property owner who has neglected to repair a broken railing has breached their duty to their visitors.

Once the plaintiff has established that the defendant breached a duty of care, they also must prove that the breach caused their injury and the injury led to actual losses. A well-practiced attorney could help an individual in Enfield to gather the evidence needed to establish negligence in a personal injury case.

Pursuing Compensation for Injuries in Enfield

Damages exist to compensate a plaintiff for losses related to their injury. Medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses could be compensated with an economic damages award. The emotional trauma of an injury could require treatment, and damages could include the cost of therapy and other associated psychological interventions.

If an injury renders a person physically disabled, they could pursue compensation for necessary renovations to a home or even the costs of relocation. If they need an adapted vehicle or a new vehicle to transport a wheelchair, damages awarded could cover the expense as well.

Damages can also cover ongoing costs, such as prolonged medical care or an impaired ability to earn wages. Changes in lifestyle, family relationships, and ability to participate in activities due to injuries sustained may also be compensated. A lawyer that is well-versed in civil procedures could help ensure that a plaintiff claims all of the damages that they are entitled to receive.

Take Swift Action to Preserve All Rights

Connecticut General Statutes §52-584 allows a plaintiff two years after discovering an injury to bring a lawsuit seeking damages. Once a claimant engages counsel, the attorney will investigate to identify acts of negligence and the parties responsible.

Sometimes, a state agency or a local government might be liable for injuries. If the injured party has a claim against a state agency, they must file a notice with the state within one year of their injury. If the claim is against a county or municipal government, the injured person must file the notice of claim within six months.

In some situations, a plaintiff may need to file a notice within as little as 90 days of the injury. Missing deadlines for personal injury claims limits an individual’s ability to recover damages, which is why it is imperative to reach out to a dedicated Enfield attorney as quickly as possible in a personal injury case.

Contact an Enfield Personal Injury Attorney Today

Recovering from an accident can be a huge burden, especially if the injuries sustained were serious in nature. Even if you are feeling better and have been able to resume some of your normal activities, seeking fair compensation for your losses is not something you have to take on alone.

A skilled Enfield personal injury lawyer could ensure that the parties who caused your injuries are held responsible for their actions. Call today to learn more about how our legal team could fight for your rights in a personal injury case.


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