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The possibility of a baby sustaining an injury at birth is a worst-case scenario for expecting parents. What should be a happy moment can turn into one full of stress and worry following an injury. When the health of a baby is put into jeopardy by a medical mistake, it is the parents that must face the consequences.

If your child suffered injuries during the delivery process, you may be entitled to seek compensation from the medical provider responsible. While no amount of money can undo what happened to your child, fair compensation could ease their process of recovery.

An East Hartford birth injury lawyer could review the medical records and identify the cause of your child’s harm. If they determine negligence is to blame, your dedicated medical malpractice attorney could pursue legal action on your child’s behalf.

Common Birth Injury Claims in East Hartford

While birth injuries are typically discovered during labor or delivery, the medical error that caused it could happen at any point during the pregnancy. These errors could involve anything from the prenatal treatment of the mother to injuries during delivery.

Some of the most common birth injuries occur when the doctor struggles to deliver the baby. The use of forceps could cause fractures in the clavicle or femur. In extreme cases, a careless delivery could result in cranial bleeding known as Cephalohematoma. Forceful delivery also could cause serious cuts and bruises to the infant.

Another common form of birth injury involves difficulty with the delivery of a child’s shoulder. When a shoulder becomes stuck, nerve damage in the hands or arms is possible. This condition is known as a brachial plexus injury. In severe cases, this nerve damage could be permanent.

Can Injuries Occur Before the Actual Birth?

Not all birth injuries involve harm during delivery. There are natural risks that come with childbirth, including decreased blood flow or oxygen. It is the role of the medical provider to know the signs of these issues and monitor the child during labor.

Medical mistakes could occur long before delivery as well. If a doctor makes a mistake when adjusting the woman’s medication, it could have a lasting impact on both mother and child. Likewise, if an issue with the child goes undetected in the womb, it can lead to complications during birth. Both the loss of blood flow or oxygen could result in severe brain damage or even death. An experienced East Hartford attorney could identify the cause of an infant’s birth injury and determine what course of action best suits a particular case.

Statute of Limitations on Birth Injury Claims

It is imperative to avoid delay when filing a birth injury lawsuit. Like with any injury claim, there is a deadline to file. This deadline is known as the statute of limitations.

According to Connecticut Statute §52-584, a plaintiff must, in most cases, bring a medical malpractice lawsuit within two years of the date the error occurred. If the plaintiff fails to file the lawsuit on time, the court could dismiss the case.

Is There a Different Statute of Limitations for Birth Injuries?

The deadline in a birth injury case is longer than in other malpractice claims. With an injury to an infant, a plaintiff has three years from the date of the birth to file suit. An East Hartford attorney could help a child’s parents file their birth injury claim on time.

Contact an East Hartford Birth Injury Attorney

No one expects their child to suffer injuries at birth. Be that as it may, medical errors and the birth injuries that follow may occur. When these mistakes happen, a skilled attorney could hold the responsible medical providers accountable.

You could benefit from legal counsel that could aggressively pursue compensation on behalf of your family. To learn more, reach out to an East Hartford birth injury lawyer today.


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