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Kristin Leahy

Kristin Leahy
Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC
Glastonbury Personal Injury Lawyer
(Main Office)

437 Naubuc Ave,
Suite #107

Glastonbury CT 06033

Phone : (860) 471-8333

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Prior to joining us Kristin worked as a teacher. Where she loved helping students.

At Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC Kristin loves helping our clients. And what has really struck her in joining us was our team.

Kristin writes: “The amazing camaraderie and team work amongst the staff here, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

When not helping us move our cases, Kristin also doubles as our translator. She speaks Spanish

When not helping clients and fostering dogs – Kristin loves spending time with her family, watching the Red Sox or Patriots, and being outdoors.