Alexandra Sofia Dutra

Alexandra Sofia Dutra
Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC
Glastonbury Personal Injury Lawyer
Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC (Main Office)

437 Naubuc Ave,
Suite #107

Glastonbury CT 06033

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When you call Connecticut Trial Firm, Alexandra is the one who will answer the phone. Warm and empathetic, we are lucky to have her on our team doing intake and helping our clients to get whatever assistance they need.

Alexandra says that she loves “being able to help others in their time of need” and once you speak with her, you’ll realize how sincere that statement is. Alexandra is driven by a desire to help others. She has always worked with people, particularly in life-changing moments.

Outside of work Alexandra enjoys reading. She is a creative who loves making things beautiful whether it’s painting, pottery, gardening, or decorating. She brings these skills with her to help find creative solutions for Connecticut Trial Firm’s clients.

Alexandra played Roller Derby for the Hartford Wailers. She’s been skydiving and you may have even seen her on TV. And she’s started three small businesses. Yeah, she’s amazing.