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I reached out to CT Trial Firm shortly after my daughter’s were injured in a rear-end collision to better understand how to handle things with the other insurance company. Ryan called me back and spent a half hour of his time educating me on my legal rights, answering my questions and helping me to plan the next steps. He spoke to me like a good friend or family member would, taking the time to listen to my situation, not using typical legalese you might expect from most attorneys and even sharing some of his own personal story.

Ryan followed up with me a month later to see how things were going and walk me through the final steps of settling the case. And get this, he gave me all that counsel at no charge! Although he most likely could have made some money for himself, he chose not to take on my case. Instead he chose to share his expertise and help a stranger on the phone.

Coupling his knowledge of the law with his integrity, it goes without saying that Ryan will be the first attorney I call should, heaven forbid, the need arise again. I can’t recommend him highly enough.


Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC

Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC