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A lawyer plays a critical role in helping a family decide between trial and settlement. While the family’s lawyer should be a fierce advocate for their case and the compensation they deserve, they should also provide the family with a realistic assessment of their case’s strengths and the possible outcomes. A compassionate wrongful death lawyer’s ability to explain the risks and benefits of both settlement and trial in a clear but sensitive way can empower the family to make informed decisions for their case.

What is the Biggest Mistake a Person Should Avoid when Considering a Settlement?

The biggest mistake to avoid during a settlement is not cooperating if a reasonable agreement can be reached. Often, probate documents must be signed and various processes must be followed before compensation can be awarded. The case can be processed efficiently if there are as few unnecessary delays as possible during the settlement process.

It is highly unlikely that a wrongful death case would lead to a trial in Manchester. However, a case may be tried if liability is heavily disputed or if there is a substantial lack of insurance coverage.

A family considering whether to settle or take a wrongful death case to trial should discuss the case with an experienced attorney who could advise them based on how similar cases have been resolved, and what the most likely outcomes of their case are.

The Best Interests of the Estate During Settlement

Settling a wrongful death claim can sometimes be in the best interest of the deceased individual’s estate because it can guarantee compensation and minimize litigation. Otherwise, the case may last for years – and if the case ends in trial, it will be up to a judge or jury to determine compensation, where a favorable outcome is not guaranteed.

On the other hand, settling may not be the best option for a wrongful death claim if the at-fault party or insurance company refuses to take responsibility for the individual’s death or makes a disproportionately small settlement offer.

How Often Do Settlement Negotiations Result in Compensation for Families?

Wrongful death settlement negotiations in Manchester often result in compensation when the case has been thoroughly investigated, documented, and discussed by the parties’ representatives.

Settlement negotiations often take place via phone calls and emails, and can be resolved efficiently; however, more complex cases may involve mediations over the course of many days as the parties attempt to reach an agreement through the mediator. The value of the case, the amount of insurance, and the parties’ perspectives about the possible outcome of the case can all impact the length of settlement negotiations.

Factors That Can Complicate the Settlement Negotiation Timeline

Settlement negotiations can be complicated or prolonged by the court’s schedule, the deceased individual’s estate, or by a lapse in the dissemination of relevant information. The timeline for settlement negotiations can be extended if the deceased individual was not well known by many people, the executor of the estate did not have a close relationship with the individual, or if the at-fault party or insurance company disputes their own liability.

It is important for potential clients to know that the process will not be easy or quick. Insurance companies will likely test how much the estate is willing to accept and try to upend the family’s expectations, which can frustrate the settlement process.

Settlement negotiations can impact the compensation that a family will receive depending on the amount, and type, of evidence that they have to prove their case against the at-fault party of insurance company. It is important to call an attorney as soon as possible so evidence can be quickly collected.

Wrongful Death Settlements in Manchester Could Provide Relief

Filing a lawsuit in a wrongful death case does not necessarily mean that it will go to trial. Settlements are common in Manchester and you will need a skilled lawyer to achieve the best possible outcome. If one of your loved ones was the victim of a wrongful death accident, speak to an attorney to discuss your legal options. Schedule a consultation to discuss wrongful death settlements in Manchester.


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