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As parents, we want to protect our children from all forms of harm. It is difficult to prevent all accidents from occurring, but some, unfortunately, turn out to be fatal. The wrongful death of a minor is heartbreaking for any Manchester family. While nothing can truly make up for this painful loss, a dedicated wrongful death attorney could help you hold the negligent parties accountable; and recover compensation to account for any expenses you incurred and to provide some measure of relief in the wake of this accident.

Comparing the Loss of a Child to the Loss of an Adult

The wrongful death of a minor in Manchester is unique compared to that of an adult because the goal involving a minor’s case is to project what their lives might have been like if they had survived. The wrongful death of an adult will not involve as much speculation about their lives and accomplishments because there will be a tangible history to draw from. When arguing a case, an attorney will have to piece together how the minor’s life might have played out, what they might have done, and how much money they could have made.

How Wrongful Deaths Happen

Cases of wrongful death of a minor are rare in Manchester but the most common cause of it is a car accident. Children can also be injured or killed from a defective product, venturing onto a dangerous property, or being bitten by an unsecured dog.

If it is determined that the child had a preexisting condition that led to their death, the case could develop into a wrongful death action if the adults in charge of the child knew of the condition and ignored instructions from a doctor or obvious warning signs. This is especially true if the adults were pushing the child too hard in an athletic endeavor.

Does There Have to Be an At-Fault Party to File a Claim?

There must be an at-fault party for a claim to be valid. If a death results from an illness or genetic issue, then the survivors have no claim for damages in court. If a death was caused by someone else’s wrongdoing, there could be a viable claim.

Although some people prefer using one term over the other, there is no difference between “wrongful death of a minor” and “negligence leading to the death of a minor.” The more common term, wrongful death, means that somebody either was negligent, acted intentionally (which is a less common situation), or acted recklessly to the point where it caused the death.

What Damages Are Typically Sought for the Death of a Minor?

There are numerous damages that a family can seek after the death of a child, such as medical expenses and the loss of future income based on the child’s demographic factors, what they were doing in school, and other elements that an economist could measure. Surviving family could also seek damages for loss of enjoyment of life, which is often the most prominent set of damages in such cases. This generally takes into account the child losing the ability to graduate, start a family, explore the world, and any other monumental life experiences.

Families who lose a child need an attorney who could listen to their story and cares about their wellbeing. A lawyer should be focused on the family’s loss, as opposed to only being concerned about how much money they could win in a settlement or trial. It is important to have a confident attorney who will be straightforward and compassionate with the family about the case and how it impacts their loss.

Work with an Attorney After the Wrongful Death of a Minor in Manchester

When grieving for the loss of a child, going through a painful court trial might be the last thing you want to do. That is why it is beneficial to work with a lawyer who can take charge of the legal matters on your behalf. Pick up the phone or send a message to set up a time to discuss your story. A legal advocate is available to help you seek justice for the wrongful death of a minor in Manchester.


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