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The benefits of workers’ compensation vary greatly depending on the injury suffered. Therefore, it may be difficult to ascertain which types of compensation you need and the steps you have to take to get there.

Fortunately, a Manchester workers’ compensation lawyer could help guide you toward the benefits you need. Additionally, an experienced personal injury attorney could help you prepare for any challenges that may arise during the process.

What is a Workers’ Comp Claim?

Workers’ compensation covers the expenses and lost wages that an injured employee sustains as a result of a workplace accident. Any injury or illness suffered during the scope of employment may be covered by workers’ comp. It is important to note that when an employee elects to receive workers’ compensation benefits, they are forfeiting their right to bring a lawsuit against their employers for work-related injuries.

However, intentional torts are one exception where employees may pursue litigation against their employers. An intentional tort is a civil wrong committed with the intent to bring about harm. An attorney in Manchester could help injured employees determine whether they have a personal injury case outside of their workers’ compensation claim.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Manchester

There are four main disability benefits that an injured worker could seek following a workplace accident. These include:

  • Temporary partial
  • Temporary total
  • Permanent partial
  • Permanent total

Temporary partial benefits reimburse injured employees who can return to work but are not able to earn as much income. These beneficiaries receive 75 percent of the difference between their wages before the accident and post-injury. Temporary total benefits pay workers who are unable to work at all for a temporary amount of time. These individuals could seek 75 percent of their average weekly wages, after taxes.

Permanent partial compensation allows injured employees to receive benefits if they suffered an injury, such as an amputation or loss of function of a body part. Permanent partial benefits include 75 percent of an employee’s average weekly wages. These payments are made based on the worker’s percentage of loss of bodily function. For example, if someone lost 20 percent of their use of their hand, they would receive 20 percent of their benefits.

Lastly, employees qualify for permanent total disability benefits if a doctor finds that they are permanently disabled. Examples of permanent total disability include loss of both eyes, hands, feet, limbs, or a brain injury. Beneficiaries may receive benefits for life at 75 percent of their average weekly wage. Workers have one year to file for workers’ compensation for accidental injuries and three years to file for occupational illnesses under Connecticut General Statutes §31-294c of the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Act. An experienced workers’ comp attorney in Manchester could help an employee determine types of benefits they may be eligible for based on their injuries or illness.

Speak with a Manchester Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Fighting for appropriate workers’ comp benefits can be challenging on your own, especially if you are trying to recover at the same time. A Manchester workers’ compensation lawyer could assist you on your path to recovery. They could guide you through the application process, and if necessary, advocate for your rights to certain benefits. Get started on your claim by calling our office today.


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