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You may be able to receive many kinds of recoverable damage after a Manchester truck accident. You could obtain economic damages, which include any quantifiable losses. Economic damages may include medical bills, ambulance expenses, and hospital stay costs. A skilled attorney could also help you pursue compensation for future medical costs. Additionally, you may receive monetary damages for any lost income if they were unable to work during recovery.

Non-economic damages could also be a part of your compensatory award. These damages are not quantifiable and may include losses for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. Because non-economic damages can be difficult to quantify an experienced lawyer should review your case and help you determine what your claim may be worth.

Calculating Non-Economic Damages

Insurance companies and the plaintiff’s legal counsel calculate any non-economic damages that may apple to a case. They determine a case’s value by comparing the claimant’s losses to similar cases and using their prior knowledge of handling other truck wreck claims. If the parties cannot agree on a value, a jury or a judge would become the deciding party.

Are Punitive Damages Available in Truck Wreck Cases?

Recoverable punitive damages may only apply to a Manchester truck accident case if the defendant’s behavior was particularly egregious. For instance, if the truck driver was intoxicated, using drugs, or driving recklessly, an injured claimant may pursue punitive damages. It is important to note that in most situations, recovery may be limited to economic and non-economic damages.

Recoverable Damages from Auto Insurance

A plaintiff’s auto insurance may cover health benefits, such as Med-Pay. This policy gives injured claimants the option to have their insurance company make direct payments to medical providers. Auto insurance may also pay economic and non-economic damages through the trucking company’s liability policy or underinsured/uninsured motorist policies.

The Role of an Attorney

An attorney plays an important role in helping injured claimants obtain recoverable damages after their truck accident in Manchester. An experienced legal representative could evaluate their case and determine how to maximize their compensatory award.

To recover damages after a truck crash, an attorney must identify all of a plaintiff’s losses in an initial case consultation. During this consultation, a diligent lawyer learns about who the claimant was before the accident and how the wreck affected their life both directly and indirectly.

Then a legal representative quantifies these losses and decides how to present this information to the judge, jury, mediator, and insurance adjuster in a way that reflects what has been lost and why a certain dollar amount is appropriate.

Contact an Attorney to Discuss Recoverable Damages After a Truck Accident in Manchester

Ensuring that you receive damages after a truck wreck can be extremely important to your recovery. This process, however, can be difficult without a well-versed attorney. Without proper legal counsel, you may risk obtaining fair compensation. To see how an attorney could help you pursue recoverable damages after a Manchester truck accident, call today.


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